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Asthma News - Part 59

Xopenex Inhaler 50mcg/200doses (levalbuterol HCI)

Xopenex Dosage – Xopenex Price – Xopenex Inhaler Dosage – Buy Xopenex Online – Xopenex for Asthma Basic information: Xopenex Inhaler is prescribed for conditions like asthma, emphysema and bronchitis to facilitate breathing. BRAND NAME: Levolin GENERIC NAME: Levosalbutamol / Levalbuterol PREPARATIONS: Inhalers: 50mcg AVAILABLE: Generic for Levolin

Combivent Inhaler (albuterol sulfate)

Combivent Dosage – Buy Combivent Online – Cheap Combivent – Purchase Combivent – Buy Combivent Inhaler – Combivent for Asthma Basic information: Combivent inhaler is used for COPD, being very efficient due to two active ingredients ipratropium and salbutamol. BRAND NAME: Combivent / DuoNeb GENERIC NAME: Ipratropium/Salbutamol PREPARATIONS: Inhalers Product Price Per pill Order Combivent…

Flovent Inhaler 125mcg (Flohale)

Buy Flovent Online – Flovent Inhalers – Generic Flovent – Buy Flovent Inhaler – Flovent for Asthma Basic information: Flovent inhaler is intended for preventing asthma in patients that take it regularly at the right dose   BRAND NAME: Flohale / Flixotide GENERIC NAME: Fluticasone propionate PREPARATIONS: Inhalers: 125mcg; 50mcg AVAILABLE: Generic for Fluticasone propionate

Spiriva Inhaler 18 mcg (tiotropium bromide)

Spiriva Dosage – Spiriva Inhalers – Spiriva for Asthma Basic information: Spiriva Inhaler can be used for treating COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) BRAND NAME: Spiriva GENERIC NAME: Tiotropium PREPARATIONS: Inhalers: 18 mcg Product Price Per pill Order Spiriva Inhaler 1 inhaler x 9mcg  $59.99   $59.99  Spiriva Inhaler 2 inhalers x 9mcg  $154.99   $51.66  Spiriva…

Advair Diskus Inhaler (fluticasone, salmeterol)

Buy Advair Online – Cheap Advair – Advair for Asthma Basic information: Advair Inhaler combines fluticasone and salmeterol working for the prevention of asthma attacks if used regularly BRAND NAME: Seroflo / Seretide / Viani / Adoair / ForAiris GENERIC NAME: Fluticasone / Salmeterol PREPARATIONS: Inhalers: 50mcg/500mcg; 50mcg/250mcg; 50mcg/100mcg; 25mcg/250mcg; 25mcg/125mcg; 25mcg/50mcg AVAILABLE: Generic for…

Ventolin Inhaler 100 mcg (salbutamol)

Ventolin Inhaler 100mcg – Ventolin Inhalers – Buy Ventolin Online – Buy Ventolin Inhalers Online – Ventolin for Asthma Basic information: Ventolin inhaler is used to relieve an attack of asthma and for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease BRAND NAME: Ventorlin / Asthalin / Proventil / ProAir / Salamol / Aerolin GENERIC NAME: Albuterol / Salbutamol…

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