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Measurement of Ejection Fraction After Myocardial Infarction in the Population: After MI

The results presented herein extend previously reported findings by indicating that during the last 20 years, the use of tests to measure LVEF increased dramatically during the first decade characterized by rapid incorporation of new technology in practice. Its use, however, stabilized over the last decade. Thus, the use of testing to measure LVEF did not increase appreciably since the publication of the aforementioned reports.- Furthermore, only 80% of patients underwent LVEF measurement during hospital stay, which is the optimal time to make use of the information on LVEF to optimize the use of evidence-based therapies after MI.
The present results indicate that factors associated with determination of LVEF after MI were large MI size as measured with CK, prolonged hospital stay, and cardiologist involved in the delivery of care. Conversely, age > 75 years and greater degree of comorbidities were associated with less likelihood of LVEF determination. These findings support and extend previously reported associations between determination of LVEF and patient characteristics. In particular, the present study underscores the role of older age (> 75 years) as a barrier to measurement of LVEF. The negative association between LVEF determination and age are of particular concern given the shift of the burden of MI toward the elderly, who constitute an increasingly large component of MI subjects.

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Category: Infarction

Tags: ejection fraction, left ventricular function, myocardial infarction

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